We have designed, organized or hosted various hackathons and meetups. From data based, apps development to societal or law/regulation-oriented gatherings. Based on our practical experience and expertise we know what works well and what are the limits of hackathon as a format.


Hackathons typically start with one or more presentations about the event, as well as about the specific subject and challenges. Then participants suggest ideas and form teams, based on individual interests, skills and expertise. After that the main work of the hackathon begins, which can last anywhere from several hours to 2-3 days. Typically, hackathons last 24 – 48 hours, set up is often very informal, with participants often subsisting on food like pizza and energy drinks. Sometimes participants don’t sleep at all or are sleeping on-site with sleeping bags :). Hackathons are often closed by a series of demonstrations in which each group presents their results, showcases of achievements to the jury who selects best solutions and pass the awards to the best teams. At many hackathons, the judges are made up of organisers and sponsors.


Our practical and hands-on experience come mainly from design and delivery of complex and fully-fledged hackathons in Energy and Telco sectors. Before each hackathon we consult current situation and challenges client tries to solve by hackathon. Besides that, we typically help with data preparation as well as hackathon challenges. The flagship and most complex hackathons we realised has been a series of hackathons under the brand energyhack – one of a few hackathons of its kind in the energy sector in the region (using real customers data and addressing business-related challenges of ZSE/ZSD). More than 120 participants were hacking during 3 editions of energyhack, more than 25 solutions have been presented. Few teams were selected for follow up negotiations regarding implementation or further consultation directly with the client. Overall, we have been involved in preparation and delivery of 10 hackathons.

Showcases of realised hackathons:

Energyhack 3 Energyhack 1
Big Data hackathon InnovationHack

Considering internal or external hackathon or meetup to solve specific challenge or problem? Or do you need external help to steer innovation? Based on our experience we can understand specific market situation or challenges and get maximum from this attractive format. Or, we can assist you with your innovation challenges.